Friday, November 23, 2007

What MORE DO WE NEED?? -- we already have the VILLAGE MINUTES.

WHY ALL THE HUB-BUB? After all, we have "VERBATIM" village minutes, right? According to Webster's: Verbatim -- "in EXACT words", "word for word".

Well besides "NO COMPRENDE" being edited out of the 11/5/2007 meeting minutes, I have here for your listening and reading pleasure an audio clip from the 2/19/2007 Village Board meeting.

Comrade Kumorkiewicz is heard here speaking for almost 6 full minutes - this is a privilege the Village President would not allow anyone else to have unless he WANTED to.

My suggestion:

Open the MINUTES PDF at --

scroll to page 4

and then listen to the video clip (no video/only audio) and see if you agree that the frequently 6+week old VERBATIM minutes are really that reliable.

Video clip is right here:


K. Carpenter said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

"Comrade" Kumorkiewicz? You do a nice job impersonating Joe McCarthy...but he was from Wisconsin, too, so it should be easy for you.

Come on. I listened to the recording, and read along with the transcript. OK, so it's not verbatim. Have you ever talked with Kumorkiewicz and understood 100% of what he says? He has a strong accent. The transcript captures 99% of what he said...and certainly the essence of his comments.

Just like McCarthy, you throw around insinuations without putting your name out there. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Pot calling the kettle black? You write anonymously, but accuse others of "not putting their name out there". Can you spell self-contradiction?

The audio show plain and clear that attacks on Illinois were blanked out TWICE. He said it clearly and it was WIPED-OUT. Were the smarter than Kumorkiewicz folks a little worried that the Illinois transplants might take offense?

You know, we GET LABELS when we earn them. Comrade K never saw a tax increase he didn't like, AND he follows the dictates of somebody named POLLOCOFF like a good soldier. Need I say more? By the way, I have talked with SK, and I understand 100% of everything he says.

99% is good enough for you for accuracy? Not enough for me. The audio proves that a lot of content can be changed with creating editing. His 'essence' IS captured properly in the audio.

I will show you mine if you show me yours? Who are you? And Why are you so vehemently defensive of these guys?

Anonymous said...

"Show me yours"? Pervert. Nice job; continuing in the McCarthy role fits you.

Anonymous said...

Going after the "good ol' boys" is a dangerous job. If I were you I'd stay anonymous. Take it from a business owner in Pleasant Prairie, if you do something the king doesn't like he'll have someone come after you.

Anonymous said...

Pot calling the kettle black? All you have to do is scroll down to read the "anonymous" owner of this blog ripping longneck69 for not identifying him/herself.

You better ID yourself, before you rip others for writing anonymously.

Further, this whole thing seems a little obsesive and nuts to me. Seems like someone has a lot of rage and hatred for someone.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of politically oportunistic jerks!

You don't hear anything from this bunch for months and then they surface a few months in advance of the next election and begin attacking the guy whose seat will be up, spewing a bunch of self rightous crap and phony outrage.

Keep up the personal attacks and the nastyness that has served you so well in the past three elections, people are sick of it.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Talk about hate and outrage. You guys seem not to understand the fine line between criticism and hate.

Why is it okay for you to poke fun at someone and that is okay, but when someone pokes fun back at you its hate?

Get over yourselves.

Also, for your information, the 'target' as you suggest appears to have nothing to worry about. He probably will skate into another term of being a loyal Pollocoff/Steinbrink subject unchallenged. I am not aware of anybody planning a challenge.

Since you bring up elections, in the last election nearly 1/2 of Pleasant Prairie voters were seeking change. This is not a 'bunch' as you stated, but thousands of people.

IF this village does the right thing, and actually serves it constituents and not themselves, and makes their activity more visible and accessible to the casual observer, then maybe the criticism will have no merit, but folks like you that get the hair on their backs raised when someone who puts themselves on a podium and then is expected to actually represent ALL of the citizens gets dinged, you go ape-xxxx.

Get over yourselves. This is politics, and YOU have no qualms about going nasty when it suits you.

Someone once said, "if you want to run with the big dogs, you have to get off the porch".

As the owner of this BLOG, I am happy to see anyone who wants to chime in do so, AND I prefer that it be with a name attached, but we'll take you anyway you desire to be identified or not.
Nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Where were all of you truth and honesty seekers this year when Lauer was running for re-election and Tiahnybok was running for president, and Matson was running for trustee. Why weren't you out there protecting them from pot shots taken by the likes of Kumorkiewicz and Serpe?
Is this really different?

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Alex. For your next trick, can you find the corruption in trash pick-up? Maybe the Village is secretly going through your trash to find out who really owns or pays for your house. See, it's EASY to be a conspiracy theorist!

Anonymous said...

"Nice job, Alex"?

I am confident that Alex is not the person behind this craziness. (and that is exactly what it is)

We can all agree or not with how the town is being run but this manic blog and calling people names and the videos on youtube ect is troubling to me and is not the work of a serious and stable person.

As a past supporter I wonder who the actual blogger is and why they're doing this...maybe some people are a little concerned over who might run in the spring (Alex) and this blog is yet another attempt to smear him.

Anonymous said...

Is the village really going through Alex's garbage? He seems like the shredder type to me.

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting in question. Steve K. went out of his way to attack Trustee Tiahnybok. If he's going to do so, he can speak clearly. I talk with him a lot and I understand him. He just has to speak louder so microphone picks up.

Anonymous said...

By the way, if you listen to what Comrade Kumorkiewicz said, there is a smoking gun that this was pre-planned at least to some extent. He mentioned Tiahnybok's comments from nearly a half a year earlier by the exact date. Spontaneous, huh?