Thursday, February 14, 2008

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS says MIDWEST performed BEST with a 3.2% loss in homeprices for 4th Qt.

According to the National Association of Realtors, fourth quarter median home prices fell 5.8% compared to last year. The West was hit the hardest with a 8.7% slide, while the Midwest performed the best with a 3.2% loss. The median home price in Lansing, MI fell most, a 18.8% decline.


For those of you who live in Pleasant Prairie:

Rocco Vita
Village Assessor
Village of Pleasant Prairie
9915 39th Avenue
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158





Anonymous said...


You are such a dumb-ass, I just couldn't let this one pass. It seems that the 2 years you spent on the board were wasted on learned nothing.

Revaluations take place on a regular basis...but not whenever you want them to. The increase or decrease in values will be reflected in the next regularly scheduled revaluation.

If you had at least gone into Village hall once in a while (other than on Monday nights), you might have learned how appraisals are done, and on what schedules they are performed.

But I guess all of that time you took selling fertilizer just didn't give you enough time to learn about how the Village functions.

We're all sick an tired of your pre-pubescent rants about things you know so little about. Can you really be this dumb? Or, more likely, you're so frustrated that you lost an election that you can only lob criticisms, rather than propose substantive solutions.

Someone that can't stand to be out of the limelight...well, you should build your own stage.

Anonymous said...

WOW...there's a smackdown.

What say you, ManureMan?

PleasantPrairieWI said...


Glad to have you back. I knew you were waiting for something juicy, and it worked -- I am your limburger. Traffic circles and beet juice didn't turn you on enough, huh?

Well, again, you seem to be able to only attack the messenger and not the message. But, nonetheless, you reveal much. And as I think you would learn by now, your criticism of me personally ONLY CONFIRMS how much work there is to do.

Did I say demand re-evaluation NOW? No.

BUT, if citizens sit quietly (like you would like to see them do), the time will come and go, and then you will be the first one to say, "they should have come here and complained, and since they did not, we ASSUMED there was no problem". Tell me I'm wrong!

Why don't you go to Rocco and suggest that he chime in on how he plans to do the right thing, and reflect market conditions and real life sale data in the next round WITHOUT folks having to go to the less than willing BOARD OF REVIEW for a SMACKDOWN as you like to say? Do something actually instead of just complaining about debate. Here's YOUR chance.

By the way, the fertilizer and manure are located on 88th Avenue.

Anonymous said...

7 ways to fight property taxes
Assessments are expanding, but prices are contracting. Ready to hit back? Here's how.

Anonymous said...,0,4925677.story

Anonymous said...

It's always about want to avoid the law and get something that others can't. The LAW specifies how appraisals are done, and how appeals are handled. You don't like it? Hold a referendum to change the law. But don't ask to get special treatment because you don't like the law.

I guess this is all we can expect from someone that lives in a million-dollar mansion on the lake...while the rest of us have to obey the law.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

What LAW specifies how appraisals are done? The village law? The state law? The WI LAW states that appraisals need to be +/- 10% from fair market value in reality at least every 5-7 years if the minimum is done (beyond that its all up to the DESIRE of local appraisers/assessors).

Yes, that's right -- I looked into this when I WAS a trustee. YOUR VILLAGE likes to do it more often so that they can keep your assessment as high as they can so that they can keep THEIR vaunter mill rate as low as they can.

Once again, you and yours prove your collective ignorance about a topic and have to result in attacking the person again. AND for your information, the haste of keeping every property owners assessment in the Village as high as they can exposes EVERYONE to the highest level of taxes when other taxing bodies are considered such as the county, the state, and the school district. The village taxpayer is already subsidizing those taxing bodies and the current practice makes sure it stays that way. For example: We (the village) pays for about 25% of KUSD costs, but we only send about 13% of the students. Explain how this has happened?? Huh?

Quit it with the envy, I worked for everything I've got, and am certainly willing and able to share the fruits of my efforts with EVERYONE who is being abuse -- this is nothing special for me. Do you really think I am alone? Get over it.

Anonymous said...

There you go again.

KUSD has NOTHING to do with Village tax rates. Neither the Village assessor nor the Village Board sets the KUSD rates. So you learned nothing as a board member.

And...if you really "SHARE the fruits of my efforts with everyone", why aren't you paying that poor woman's CWU fee that you always complain about? Seems to me a good Samaritan would pay it for your motive would be pure, instead of trying to grab the praise by doing it in a public manner.

Shame on you, claiming to share and then ignoring the public in a time of need.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

You know what -- if you weren't so sad, you would actually be funny.

First off, you clearly are just waiting for me to post something so that you can come back with another one of your half-witted personal attack responses.

BUT, you have me at a dis-advantage, you apparently know a fair amount about me, but I do not know that about you.

I understand that in order for you to have a chance, it is important for me to have one hand tied behind my back, but I would think after awhile you would find your position somewhat lacking in genuine-ness because you must continue hiding behind a mask.

IF you're this confident, why not just tell everyone who you really are? Come on, big shot, or are you going to remain a pot-shotter from left field.

I imagine you are voting for Obama too so that he can tax the man some more too.

Now to your point, if you can focus on one thing long enough and can quit imagining things, I DID NOT say the village has anything to do with setting the KUSD rate, but the village IS RESPONSIBLE for setting the assessed value for every property owner that ultimately gets taxed by KUSD. Does it not make sense to you that if the assessed values are kept (un-necessarily) near maximum all the time that the real dollar expenditures in taxes will remain un-necessarily high?

ON VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS: When DOUGIE SNOW pays his first dollar of his VOLUNTARY doubling of his CWU fee, then I will make my contribution. Check with him on following through with his offer first, and then check with me.

By the way, this 'manner' as you call it is public only if you make it that way.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can only do a good deed when you see someone else do you're a follower, not a leader, eh?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BS about CWU fee follow up. Where's the check? Lip service is all you know.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Again, how is it that YOU know so much? You must be a chosen one.

You know, show me some proof of what Dougie has done. He is the one who opened his mouth, AND if he actually followed up with his $2and change payment, then I will act accordingly. Was it immediately after that meeting, or after being reminded of his pledge.

Again, you hide behind a mask, you are privy to inside information, and you continue to shoot the messenger. Whoever you are, you are a COWARD, and you have painted yourself into a box. Bigshot that remains anonymouse because if he spills the beans it would be what it appears to be.

Village People said...

So what if he wrote a check? It would just be credited to his next months payment. Big whoop. I was at the meeting and never saw him 'whip out' his checkbook. I'm sure the speakers that were there about CWU fee would say same.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say he wrote a check?

Doug Snow:
Good evening. I'm Doug Snow, 10320 32nd Avenue. First of all, I'd be happy to pay double the
clean water fee. Put it on my bill, Mike, reasonable fee. For those of you that were there and you all were, this past Saturday night I‟d just like to mention that there was a fundraiser for the fire and rescue department. It was very successful. We sold over 400 steak dinners plus one hot dog.
Very successful fundraiser. It was also a sterling example of responsible beer and wine sales.
We want to thank the folks over at St. Therese Parish for their help.
We'd also like to really take a moment to say thank you to the fire and rescue personnel who
volunteered their time. We had a lot of people there, and as a number of you have mentioned this
whole thing really went like clockwork. Everybody got their meal, plenty of seats. Deb was
doing dishes, but we just really wanted to say thank you for your support and thanks to all the
members of the community that came out and supported the fire and rescue department. Thank

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever ask this Doug Snow guy if he's paid it? You're gonna look mighty dull if he has...just saying.

Anonymous said...

Alex & his sidekick Mike will look dull, but not in there eyes. Everyone else is always wrong! And also have been told he paid an extra year and wasn't credited to his account. The duo is big at shooting their mouths and from the hip but have nothing to back it up.

Anonymous said...

At least they don't hide behind anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Et tu, Brute?

Anonymous said...

.I find it truly amazing that two guys have the village idiots in such an uproar. More power to them!

fleeced1 said...

The point of the whole clean water fee protest was to convince Pleasant Prairie to use a more equitable method of calculating the fees. Other muni’s use one of a few methods established by environmental engineering experts for charging a CWU fee, and most charge all single family homes the same at approximately $5 a month.

Even if Doug Snow did send a WHOLE YEAR’S EXTRA FEE to the Village, it would most likely still be less than the “poster child” widow pays EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Chances are Doug’s fee is $3 a month or $36 annually. The "poster child" is paying $84 EVERY MONTH. Even the “farmer” pays less than that on MUCH MORE PROPERTY.

No one is looking for charity here, just fairness. This is not a measurable commodity, such as fresh water or sewer services. There is no way for a homeowner to reduce this cost. There is absolutely no precedent for municipalities to charge one homeowner in the same land use class (single family) up to 200 times more than another for something that is not actually measured. In other utilities, there is a base amount for the infrastructure that everyone shares in equally and then pays an extra amount for the measurable amount actually used.

Can you imagine the outcry if garbage pickup were based only on the number of people in the family? So the homeowner with 8 people in the household would pay 8 times what a single person household pays, and then have the burden of proof to spend thousands proving he does not generate 8 times the waste? Would anyone consider that fair? Perhaps only the person paying the smallest amount or with very deep pockets—someone like Doug Snow.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Thanks Fleeced,
Another home run comment.

To the minions,
I was rarely provided anything above the absolute minimum when I was on the board, so just how do you expect me to be 'in-the-know' as apparently you are on the matter of whether Dougie paid double his CWU bill. If he did then, I will be the first to say, "congratulations Dougie, you followed through on your promised, now was that for the full year at $60 or just one month at $5?".

Fleeced makes the right point though, in that the debate is not really is a big shot pays double once or twice, but that the whole thing is unfair from that get-go, and the big shot paying 10x doesn't even come close to closing the gap. While a fertilizer/manure shoveler (88th Ave) gets away with much less because the LAW allows it.

Well, maybe the law should be changed!!!

Show me the proof since you are in the know. How is it that you are in the know, and yet feel compelled to remain anonymous and therefore your entire argument seems less than genuine since you are not willing to put your name behind it.

Tear down this wall! See you at the Hillary rally!

Anonymous said...


Boo-hoo for the little old lady who has to pay $84 per month. She could damn-well sell some of her property if she doesn't like it.

I'm a working stiff who pays my taxes and likes what I get for it. Would I like lower taxes? You bet...just like I wish the IRS would go away. But that's not going to happen.

Get a freaking life, quit bitching all the time, and propose a real solution. Remember, the CWU is a federally-mandated program...we HAVE to have one.

But...I'll bet you were out there today having a brat and a beer, cheering on Hillary. You think your taxes are high now? You just vote for Hillary and see what you get, boy-o.

Anonymous said...

.Dear last Anonymous:

Looks like Fleeced1 did propose a solution:

The point of the whole clean water fee protest was to convince Pleasant Prairie to use a more equitable method of calculating the fees. Other muni’s use one of a few methods established by environmental engineering experts for charging a CWU fee, and most charge all single family homes the same at approximately $5 a month.

In other utilities, there is a base amount for the infrastructure that everyone shares in equally and then pays an extra amount for the measurable amount actually used.

Anonymous said...

So you're a commie too, I see. Everyone pays the same? That's communism. The current method has people pay based on the amount of runoff from their land. That is the fairest way to do it.

Your way is like all of us paying the same for gas each month, regardless of how much we drive. Might be nice for those that commute, but would be bad for a stay-at-home retiree. Why are you trying to raise taxes on retirees?

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Okay anonymouse genius,

Does anybody get more or less police or fire protection, BUT they DO pay different amounts based on property taxes. How about kids in schools? How about the garbage idea already mentioned? Do you get more or less snowplowing in front of your home? More water yields bigger bill. More sewage yields bigger bill. More pay-per-view yields bigger bill. Get the drift?

You know you can't use the FAIR SHARE mantra when it works for you, and then not use it when it doesn't work for you.

About that RUNOFF, are you saying that the retire lady on fixed income has MORE real runoff than the income producing fertilizer producer/shoveler on 88th Ave?

BE BRAVE and let us know once and for all if taxes should be paid on ACTUAL USE (my preference) or on the basis of PROPERTY VALUE and INCOME. Remember, if you can, this is not pick and choose -- your choce would apply to all money grubbing governmental bodies that take money out of people's pockets. What say you?

Anonymous said...


You truly flunked economics, didn't you? Those things you list are called "public goods". Public goods are those like national defense, snow plowing, roadbuilding, etc. That's why we pay property taxes and income taxes, to fund these types of goods.

CWU is about how much runoff comes off of your land. Measurable and predictable. You pay for what you use (or, in this case, what runs off your land).

Stop with the attacks on Steinbrink and stay on the subject; the state and feds decreed that farmland is exempt. If you don't like it, go to Washington.

You really are a dork if you can't argue better than this. So you flunked economics and debate class. Go apologize to your teachers.

Anonymous said...

Hey ManureMan:

How's it going for you? You sure like the change the subject during the middle of a debate, don't cha?

Stay on the subject or go peddle your poop.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Did you just grad-eate from the 5th grade? Come on, let it all hang out! I 'truly' did not flunk economics. Tell us what classes you passed. You seem to have a lot of explaining to do yourself to your elementary school teachers. You seem to be very familiar with failure in grade school.
You are just too goofy!

Anonymous said...

.Read the law. The Federal Government never said Farmland was exempt. Even Pollocoff knew that.

Anonymous said...

Typical Alex. Doesn't answer or address the question, just tries to shoot the messenger.

You flunked logic class, too.

Anonymous said...

For your sake, I hope your loyalty pays off. Now you are borrowing pages out of Alex's 'shoot the messenger' playbook. Come up with something new.

Anonymous said...

Unlike you, my only loyalty is to honesty and fair taxes. You can't say that, since you're a commie, just like Alex.

Untrue, you say? Let's review --

1. You want flat rate for all properties on CWU -- COMMUNISM.
2. You want property appraisals changed to reflect your wants, instead of the market -- COMMUNISM.
3. You want Alex to be on the board, despite the fact that he lost the election -- COMMUNISM (or FASCISM, take your pick).

What say you and ManureMan?

fleeced1 said...

To the “anonymous” who addressed my comments. Your ignorance is showing.

1. CWU stands for Clean Water Utility, and there is no federal mandate that forces municipalities to establish a new utility to comply with the law.

2. There are numerous ways muni’s can chose to comply, including keeping the storm sewer infrastructure and related costs on the property tax rolls where they originally existed. The clean water charge more closely resembles the definition of a tax than a “user” fee.

3. Alternate methods of calculating the clean water fee were presented to the Village Board, including a spreadsheet with the work already done.

4. The calculation method that charges all single family homes alike is not based on communism, but the fact that single family homes are very comparable in the amount of impervious area that exists on their property. Impervious surfaces (rooftops & pavement) are the largest contributors to runoff problems, such as pollutant loads & flooding.

5. Not all property is suitable for division and development, nor is that desirable from an environmental standpoint.

You comment that you don’t like taxes either (even though my comment was actually in regard to a user fee), but seem to think we just have to accept what the government does without complaining doesn’t sound like a democracy lover to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's nothing new here. I can go check out more important Britney Spears...that's how boring this discussion is getting.

Anonymous said...

Great, one down, four to go!

Anonymous said...

You are boring.
The same old thing.
Attack Alex.
Attack Mike.
Call them Commies, when it's you who really are -- check out their playbook.
RAG is right. You are the Jerry Springer element, but Alex has got the guts to let you say anything you want, because it only proves YOUR ignorance.
Go Jerry!

Sasha P said...

To the real commie,
You clearly don't know anything about which you talk. As explained to you before, Communism is where the 'state' takes everything from you (100% taxation), and then gives you back just what THEY think you need (not what you think, but what they think).
Alex and Mike being commies is absurd. They clearly stand for people having the right to hold onto what they have earned and own, you on the other hand actually display be your words and action what communism really does.
They will tell you the sky is green and you will believe it. You are fully indoctrinated, and show no signs of hope. Who are you voting for on Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

This communist theory is getting interesting. Yes, we started with some theories by Alex & Mike. Equal Fees & taxes then the calling people commies now we have Alex's new (made up?) friend Sasha.
Who's next Natasha, Boris Badenoff, Ivan or even Rocky.

RAG said...

The assault on Alex and Mike as "communists" is absurd and perhaps at first blush a little entertaining. But I am fully confident that they are capitalists.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Thanks RAG (Dick) for attesting to my CAPITALIST tendencies -- it's a relief to know that at least you are willing to be realistic.

I apologize if you took any offense to my PUBLIC SERVANT label, but I never have heard of this being perceived in a negative connotation (it's PUBLIC and it's SERVICE).

Village People said...

I've been called worse. I can take it as I dish it out pretty good myself.

Anonymous said...

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