Thursday, February 21, 2008


I mentioned in the last post that Mr. Bob Babcock has done HIS homework. He apparently had some correspondence with the Lt. Governor's office (same political party as the gov and State Rep and non-partisan Village President John Steinbrink (DEM)).

The Lt. Gov suggested per Mr. Babcock that municipalities LIKE PLEASANT PRAIRIE take action to put videotaping of Board Meetings, etc, so that citizens have a source of news.

This is nothing new, and I have been preaching this idea for around 2 years now. In order to show that it is not a TECHNICALLY DIFFICULT effort, we have begun videotaping and putting unedited clips of board meetings since 11/19/2007 onto YOUTUBE at

The village leaders such as Trustee Mike Serpe have justified NOT HAVING MEETINGS ON CH25 as being "BORING", and classified them as a good sedative if they were to make it onto CH25.

By the way, cable franchise agreements include having GOVERNMENT ACCESS channels available so that local governments can communicate with their public.

Well, what is wrong with giving citizens the opportunity to SEE their government in action? We get to see COUNTY BOARD MEETING videotapes. Is the county board more interesting than the village board?

We get to see wake board competitions. We get to see garbage getting picked up. We get to see snowplows plowing, etc, etc, etc......

As a citizen, you should be able (if you were not at the meeting for whatever reasons) to pick up the Kenosha News on Tuesday morning and read about (for example: Orchard subdivision access issues and whether a cul-de-sac can be temporarily used as a through street during construction) any issue and then be able to tune to CH25 (lets say Thursday evening at 8pm) to see what actually happened (issue presentation, effected citizen comments, staff comments and recommendations, board comments and recommendations and VOTE). I think the Kenosha News actually does a great job of coverage, but all of the above is IMPOSSIBLE to cover in a news article and/or the intermittent VILLAGE NEWSLETTER (which in my opinion is a propaganda sheet not an unbiased newsletter as it should be).

As I am videotaping all meetings, here is a clip of Mr. Babcocks comments and also mine that followed. YOU DECIDE, and by the way in usual style, the VILLAGE BOARD COMPLETELY IGNORED THESE COMMENTS -- YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE THAT TOO.


Anonymous said...

Same Alex, different day. New hat.

Village People said...

Same anonymous, different day.

Nothing new, or of any substance to say.

Maybe it's because they have no class.

But more likely it's because they're an ...

Anonymous said...

Village people:
You are one to talk about class, you sing praise to John Roscioli in your blog and then write an email calling him a dope. Your email was trying to solicit someone to write a response vop to attack John Roscioli for his vop.
Careful who you email or talk to, the nose knows!

Village People said...

Get over yourself Blotto. Roscioli doesn't care about what you claim.

Anonymous said...

Roscioli? Same anonymous, different day. New rant? Not really, sameolsameol.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

I love poetry.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

BTW "HAT" person, why does it bother you so? I have my hat days and I have my no hat days. Big deal. Maybe you should try wearing one. Protects the brain from freezing. Or is it too late?

Anonymous said...

.Rag, you gave yourself away with the stupid hat comment and then having another one of your boring, same old rants about why Alex and Bobs idea doesn't make sense on your blog. You keep claiming that they haven't done their research yet your idea is brilliant compared to theirs even though their ideas are basically free and yours would cost thousands of dollars (so much for research). Why would anyone watch live if they won't watch a tape delay at their own convenience? You just like to hear yourself talk. Did you write Clyde's video? BTW, how did they record that video? At least Renner had the guts to tell Roscioli to not associate himself with Renner's name (and neither hides behind anonymous). Maybe Clyde should do the same to counter the now starting to make sense rumors that he's just your puppet.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Last Anonymous,

That is the LOVE that I was talking about.

I appreciate the comments on videotaping. Like I said before, it's simply that they don't want to do it. They will show you sewer-cams and County Board meetings, but not the activities of the elected body that CH25 is supposed to be available for.

Now onto the puppet idea -- I think Clyde would take exception to that, but someone once said, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

If the glove fits?

He did kind of look lonely (and red faced I think) when his motion withered. I really felt sorry for him :)

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Another good point.
IF LIVE is the only way to go, then what was the purpose of having a TAPED presentation by Clyde at the final budget meeting.

Anonymous said...

."the nose knows"?

I didn't think the IT(s) was that big! She might not like that comment.

Good, if she knows, then she should be able to sniff out all the corruption. Lawyers making lots of money these days.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, Alex, can't you get it through your thick head that not everyone gets Channel 25? Your idea is a tax on us all that benefits an elite few.

Keep filming and putting it up on Youtube for free. You're performing a great community service...don't screw it up by raising our taxes!

Anonymous said...

.Ya, we need to save our money for the next "Enterprise' fee!

PleasantPrairieWI said...


Thanks for the compliment about "performing a great service for our community". That may be the first time I heard those words.

Now onto your logic, I DO NOT THINK that having cable service is "ELITE". Do you?

If you are a cable subscriber, then YOU ARE paying for CH25.

If you are not a subscriber, YOU ARE NOT paying for it.

Whether or not you think videotaping meetings is a good idea or not, as a subscriber YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT, AND NOT GETTING IT.


YOUTUBE is FREE granted. BUT getting onto YOUTUBE requires a internet service subscription of some sort. Dial UP is would guess could not handle the bandwith requirements for video. Broadband (either cable Roadrunner or DSL) is likely the only way to get YOUTUBE, and at $30/month at the cheapest. BASIC CABLE is only $18/month.

SO, with all due respect, my suggestion uses equipment the village already owns. It would take very little in terms of manpower to run it during the meeting and to insert onto CH25.

THIS SHOULD NOT COST AN ADDITIONAL DIME FOR ANY TAXPAYER, it it does then its only because YOUR BOARD wants to make it that way by adding un-necessary BELLS AND WHISTLES. My idea is pure gavel to gavel coverage -- no touching, no editing.

I am ENTIRELY opposed to any enhancement as it could easily lead to censorship.

CABLE FRANCHISE fees are already being collected so that the village can show you what they want -- like for example a SEWER CAM that can get un-comfortably close to winding its way to your toilet bowl. Yeow!!!


Anonymous said...

Cable franchise fees are not being collected. It should be a line item on your bill. I didn't think the village was collecting franchise fees.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Okay Anonymous,

Maybe not, but maybe so too.

When I was on the board the issue came up, AND the board voted FOR a 1% cable franchise fee. I have not looked at my recent bills, but unless something has changed (like the board voting the fee out) the fee is being charged.

In fact, the max limit for the fee is 5%, and during the initial discussions of forming CH25, the 5% was discussed, but the board thought better than doing so (especially in light of my 'let's get the meetings on CH25' stance).

It may be hidden under a different name, AND I am willing to be corrected, but regardless can you imagine what kind of revenue is/can be generated even with a 1% fee?

It sounds like you are in the know, so please let me know what you find out. As you might imagine, I am not likely to get prompt responses.

FYI-I will send Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff an e-mail on this matter and will report if I get a response.

Anonymous said...

Typical Alex. Open mouth before engaging brain.

It would be nice if you had your facts straight before using them to make a case. Oh, sorry, I forgot that you were really Obama in a hat.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Anonymouse (yes, you earned the 'e' back for effort),

Where is the love?

First off, you seem to have me all wrong. How you got the idea that I am in any way supporting (or Obama in disguise) is beyond me.
Your friends at village hall are really feeding you a line of garbage.

You know something, I am willing to be WRONG. It's liberating in many ways to be able to take that risk once in awhile. You should try it.

Do you know for sure if there is NO franchise fee? I am sure we will find out. If we don't then I am sure that will come out quickly to beat me over the head with, right?

BUT, regardless, the cost of doing
what I have been asking is essentially negligible and only a reality-challenged person would think otherwise.

For the last time, we own the cameras, we own/or have complete access to the CH25 insertion equipment, and the LABOR cost of videotaping at the actual meetings probably could be done with volunteer effort (or even if paid village personnel -- how much could it add up to? -- roughly 4 hours/month?).

Your LEADERS can send a camera nearly to your toilet bowl, AND show the results on CH25. Is the village board that much more challenging? Hmmmm?

Get over yourself and your objections. Try the open-minded thing, and you might be surprized that everything is not as some people tell you so.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Here is the latest:

As I stated earlier, the village board (when I was a member) approved a 1% franchise fee.

Apparently this has not been collected since Time Warner cable is cooperating on the basis of pending franchise legislation.

I am trying to find out where that stands.

SO, here it is, I was right and wrong. The board passed the 1% fee, but the village has not yet received it. Perhaps pending the results of further study, cool heads can find a way to make this happen in a formal and legally authorized way.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah.

Why increase our taxes by increasing the Village's cost? Keep going Alex, you're doing a great job with the video.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Is there anything I can say that will allow YOU to see the benefit of official sanctioned and handled video of meetings on CH25?

I think I have made the case for cost issues (basically none). The operation of CH25 (as mentioned previously from the best of my recall) is split between general operations budget, utilities budget, and recplex budget.

Somehow we are living without the 1% right now, so are village taxpayers paying for the G.O. part of CH25?

Again, its negligible cost (if done the right way), AND the citizen/taxpayer can watch their government in action at convenient times for them. What's wrong with that?

Blah Blah.. if you have a specific objection in terms of cost, etc. Please state it.

Anonymous said...

.Village does a good enough job of raising our taxes without Mr. Tiahynbok's help (or hats--what kind of fetish freak are you?). Look at what Village is planning on doing with newly retired debt that they have been bragging up in their recent newsletters. Are they going to give us a tax break? No, they are going to spend it because they didn't plan for a rainy day fund and because they couldn't raise our taxes above the State mandated caps. They even tried to get us to volunteer more tax money through failed, ill-advised referendums. So when will they rein in taxes? What's going to happen when revenues fall short due to the slowdown in the economy, lower business profits and fewer new homes? How much risk is out there due to our "Enterprise" funds that supposedly use no tax dollars. Is there absolutely zero risk to residents if these have issues?

Anonymous said...

It's NOT a negligible cost. You have so many straw men there, you're in danger of burning the house down.

1. To get good video, and good audio, the Village would need 2 cameras. One would focus on the Board, one on the speaker. This requires equipment and operators. This is NOT a zero cost.

2. To get good audio (that would sync up with the video), the Village would need to set up a new sound system, and synchronize it with one of the cameras. An operator would be needed...different from the video operator(s). Not a zero cost.

3. The video and audio would need to be uploaded to Village servers. Not a zero cost.

4. The Village tech department would need to update the Village web page to reflect a new link to the new audio and video. Not a zero cost.

5. The Village would have to archive all video and audio. This require a bunch of disk space. Granted, disk space is pretty cheap, but it's NOT a zero cost item. Quick math: Assume each board meeting requires 20GB of disk space. (I just recorded one hour off of the TV, and it was 8GB, so 20GB is reasonable.) 24 weeks of Board meetings equals 480 Gigabytes (GB) of disk space. That's 1TB (terabyte) for each 2 years worth of Board Meetings. Guess what? If the Village puts it up on the web, it MUST archive it, so now there's an archival fee (with whoever the Village uses). This is definitely NOT a zero cost.

6. Per open records act requirements, if the Village gets a Open Records request, SOMEONE must download it to a DVD (unless it's too big to fit on 1 DVD) and burn the DVD's. This is NOT a zero cost.

For all our sakes, keep doing your civic duty and taping the meetings...just think what you're saving the taxpayer.

And shut up about the Village doing it...until we get new roads, more cops, and more firemen (not to mention SALT for our snowstorms!), we don't need to spend a dime on this.

And another don't know jack about video in the sewer. Just because we have video down in the sewers does NOT mean we have the equipment to record board meetings. See, we hire contractors to inspect the sewers for leaks. The contractors have a device (called a "pig") that travels through the pipe, and it has a camera on we can make sure we're not leaking waste. Do you SERIOUSLY want that equipment in the Village hall? Please stop asking for this...for our nose's sake.

If you had spent half of time on important board matters (when you were on the board) that you do bitching and moaning about how poorly the village is run, you might have gotten something done. But, typically for you, you just spew invective on stuff you know little to nothing about.

Quit being such a gloomy gus.

Anonymous said...

,Hey, RO, lighten up!

Anonymous said...

That's the best explanation of why this would cost us money that we've seen.

What say you, ManureMan?

Anonymous said...

.So how do they pay for what they put on channel 25 and their website now? If you want copies, you gotta pay, not Village. 10 cents a page. Remember what they wanted to charge Kenosha News for packets? What have you to say now shoveler?

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Insider Anonymouse (yes, you have earned the 'e' again),

I know this sounds like a broken record, but if you are so strong in your convictions, then why hide?

It took me a 1.5 days to get over your detailed and technical thrashing. Ouch, the detail, the insight, the inside information -- IMPRESSIVE.

You's possible to overly complicate anything you want, and you provided a fine example.

Synchronize this -- YES, 'perfect' would be 10 cameras and microphones scattered around the entire room, with a brand new sound insulated well equiped production booth, and a staff of licensed radio and video engineers. We could put a satellite dish on the roof of village hall, and beam the signal to some satellite, and then broadcast to the world!

This is simply typical stall tactics for excusing not doing the right thing.

This is perfect example of the "good" being the enemy of the "perfect".

ONE CAMERA is enough (hell, its a lot better than NO CAMERA!). With the SUPPORT of the village leadership, the camera could be positioned more towards the front of the room so that when citizen comments (which go ignored anyway for the most part), and other speakers at the podium speak then can be captured properly, and then when the board members talk the camera can be either panned back to them and/or move back to get a better panorama. Maybe this needs to be demonstrated better next meeting.

Do you realize how pathetic some of your numbered objections appear?

For example: All this uploading stuff, who does this now for current CH25 content? And why would same suddenly cost so much for village meetings? We have a bunch of fluffy stuff AND county board meetings on CH25 currently. Why is that so easy, and village board meetings so difficult.

OOOOH! The village website would need to be updated?! So difficult! (Your next response/comment on this blog takes more effort!). The village newsletter is nothing more than the village blog.

Would the village really need to archive everything? Would we stop the written verbatim minutes (that would be a savings)?

Obviously, you know a fair amount about kilo, mega, giga and tera bytes -- this is impressive (quick, what's after tera??), but again you are overcomplicating this.

You can put easily put one hour of video (4.7GB) on a DVD, and make a couple of copies. Archiving done at 50cents a piece.

I am asking for it to be put on CH25 -- aren't you paying attention -- or is this selective hearing?

Who said anything about putting the board video on the website?!

On the open records requests -- would we stop written verbatim minutes -- as a previous commenter stated. We currently take great pleasure in charging for the written records today, so why would we not charge for the DVD copies (you know it probably would be much MUCH cheaper than the current written minutes). Lets see a cheap DVD recorder -- available at Sony Outlet for $99. Put blank disc in REC tray. Put said Board Meeting disk in PLAY tray. Press RECORD. Village cost 50 cents. A LOT CHEAPER THAN CURRENT WRITTEN MINUTES -- and the village can charge whatever is 'appropriate' for the DVD, and if we keep the verbatim minutes the requester can get them too at 10cents/page.

Regarding the sewer cams -- your comments are ridiculous. I was not suggesting the sewer cams themselves be used in village hall -- I was just illustrating that if there is a will there is a way. If we can video the inside of your toilet bowl (nearly), we can video a meeting.

Finally, your commment on spending a lot of time on this. Well, I find this very important, and apparently YOU DO TOO -- therefore your well thought out but lame reply. I am glad you sent it at 10pm. I hope this isn't overtime?


Gloomy gus? I am trying to bring this village into the 21st century. Essentially all similar sized and capable municipalities already offer this to their citizens. Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. We are gifted and progressive when it suits certain interests, but nearly stone age when it doesn't.

Invective? Take a look at the comments on this blog and tell me what's invective?

Anonymous said...

Petabyte comes after terabyte.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Same or different Anonymous,
Well done!

Anonymous said...

Each is 1000 times the previous value.

kilobyte KB
megabyte MB
gigabyte GB
terabyte TB
petabyte PB
exabyte EB
zettabyte ZB
yottabyte YB

For context, Google processes over 20 petabytes of data per day (from early in 2007).

PleasantPrairieWI said...

You know I am not above borrowing something from a previous commenter

Your math teacher would BE proud of you.

Yes, proud. No apology necessary.

Anonymous said...

.Village only needs a Jolly J byte!

RAG said...

Alex, what happened? I went to Alaska to warm up but the real heat is in these comments.

Sorry, Mr./Ms. Anonymouse. The hat comment isn't mine. The only one I made is that it's weird to see Alex in a Packer hat -- and that I'd considered getting him a Michael Moore hat when I was in California.

Village People said...

Great idea RAG! I think a Michael Moore movie about Pleasant Prairie is a great idea! :-) Actually, how come we don't have a group promoting the Village to movie companies?

Who would you cast to play John, Mike P., Mike S., Allen, Monica, Steve and Jean??? (OK folks, keep it clean).

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Great idea about the movie. I wonder what the movie could be called? How about "Inconvenient Citizen Watchdogs"? Any other ideas? Anyone?

You should know better. For me to wear a Michael Moore cap would be the same as my comrades on 39th Avenue wearing Ronald Reagan caps.

I imagine your comments were in jest, but it does concern me that through inductive reasoning you are equating the Green Bay Packers with Michael Moore by the idea of their hats residing on my head. Aren't you the self-proclaimed middle aged Republican?

FOR SHAME, but then again you are a Minnesota Vikings fan, right?

RAG said...

Wrong, Alex. I am a Packer stockholder, in fact.

I will, however, concede some sympathy for the Twinkies, perhaps one of the last major leage baseball teams to make an effort to play real baseball.

I believe you could pass for Michael Moore. Maybe even rub some shoulders with Al Gore, who knows?

Anonymous said...

RAG is wrong. Alex looks more like that comic Carlos Mencia.

Anonymous said...

Alright, let's not get into personal appearance attacks...

Anonymous said...

You are right about personal appearance attacks. But the Alex & Mike show (and company) have made that their standard. I suggest that John Candy play Alex (John is great he can be funny and stupid) and Mike Moore himself could play Mike (kinda rubs everyone the wrong way). I have a couple more for board members but I leave that for later.

PleasantPrairieWI said...


Although you preach decency, I guess at the 'right' moment true character pops out. YOU, proudly, have made this Jerry Springer today. Next time you comment on how you want to keep your blog pristine, remember your pearls above. By the way, I bet Michael Moore would be insulted by your comment, so please be nice and a bit more considerate to him as you should be. Have you heard that people who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones?

To all other anonymouses:
Again, another fine set of performances. Bravo!

AND instead of edited or deleting, I am going to leave your fine contributions for all to see. My preference from all of the above would be Carlos Mencias. To the genius that suggested John Candy, you need to get a bit more up to date as John died at least 10 years ago.

I think this is all kind of funny and look forward to addtional contributions as promised by one commenter. What will the recommendations for the board members BE?

But please remember (as you spew your venom) that I have and will continue to criticize the action, methods, and behaviors, while you on the other hand have to resort to this kind of sophomoric humor. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Dick, see how prolific a blog posting can be? I may not publish a new posting (or 10) everyday, but folks apparently love this open format. People don't like their comments to be edited/deleted anymore than they like their governmental meeting minutes to be edited/deleted. Please let me know if further explanation is necessary.

So, anonymouses, have at those other cast recommendations. This should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

.You need look no further than Sopranos:

Steve--Corrado "Junior" Soprano
Mike S.--Phil Leotardo
Jean--Janice Soprano
Clyde--Dr. Elliot Kupferberg
John--John "Johnny Sack" Sacrimoni
Mike P.--Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero
Monica--Gabriella Dante
Alex--Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Whoa! Anonymous,
You didn't waste any time.
Interesting comparison to Soprano's cast. I am starting to notice a trend for the characters portraying me.. hmmmm?
I like the show cast approach though. Wonder what other show casts our little world can be matched up with?

RAG said...


I agree that Mencia is better body double and stand corrected.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Thanks for the re-consideration. Now, I can still have spinach pizza for dinner tonight.

Village People said...

On tonight's agenda (03/03/2008):

K. Receive and Consider Report on televising board and commission meetings.

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Village People,

Thanks for bringing this up.

It is interesting that certain individuals suggest a cooperative relationship between the village and its citizens.

I don't think its too much of a stretch that I am on the frontline of this debate and request.

Interestingly enough, I have NOT been contact by anyone from the village in regards to putting together a collaborative approach to solving this matter in a mutually satisfying way.

I am AFRAID that this lack of outreach simply suggests that this agenda item will be another round of explaining why this can't be done.

I hope to be wrong and SURPRIZED.
Even more dissapointing is that I had some interaction with Village Administrator Mike Pollocoff about this matter exactly last Monday, and there was no indication until the agenda being released on Friday that this was going to be covered today (3/3).

Again, I hope to be surprized, but am not holding my breath.

John Roscioli said...

I don't think Mike or Alex were singing my praises, more like openly discussing thoughts on the Village. If anyone did indeed call me a dope in a private email, it's their perogative. That being said, Mike was right about one thing, I care little about what most think of me.
To refer to me as a dope actually is funny. Opinionated? it happens. Arrogant? on occasion. Stubborn? more often than not. Unintelligent? not so much. Again, I am content with my station in life, and will continue to voice my opinion. BTW, I have been called worse by better, and I will definitely get over it (oh wait, I already am).

I think the "gadflies" (they all love to call themselves this) tend to take issue with anyone who thinks they are not always right, regardless of the issue. By saying this, I am most definitely not saying they are always wrong either. It's not black and white, it's issue by issue. I thought Mike Renner's VOP was flat out wrong. It seemed as though he and said gadflies revolutionized the governmental process by disagreeing with the "good old boys" (another term used prolificly). Hardly the case.
At any rate, I like the discourse, as it may result in improving the Village. It may not, but why not try. Anyone wishing to be open and honest with me/my opinions, feel free to email them to me. You are more than welcome to call me whatever your heart's desire. I am also willing to discuss Village matters without judgement, and help in any process if I am capable.

John Roscioli

PleasantPrairieWI said...

Mr. Roscioli,

Thank you for taking the time to add your comments and also to be bold enough to be known.

It is kind of sad that so many find it necessary to be unknown as they are concerned about the impact of open dialogue.

I completely agree that not everything is going to be perfect, black and white, and may not be entirely productive, but discourse even in failure is better than complete lack of input.

I hope you do follow up on your offer to assist in various processes as they emerge. I live in Carol Beach and it is truly difficult to get folks involved in village wide matters, and neighborhood matters are more tangible and more immediate.


John Roscioli said...


I think long-term and/or broad issues (like the Hwy 50 expansion with a 20-25 year plan or the Bristol compact on tonight's agenda) are tough to deal with due to there being no direct individual vested interest. However, these are crucial issues in the Village.
Unfortunately and usually, people only become involved once the issues become personal. Hell, it's hard enough to get someone to vote let alone take long term, involved action to improve their town, city, et al. Mind you, it's easy for them to complain about "big brother" or the established governmental processes...but they make zero effort to take part or attempt to change anything. I apologize for this sweeping and random generalization, but I think you get my point.
As to my offering some form of assistance...I don't feel anyone will take the offer, in spite of said offer being sincere. I am slowly learning the different facets of the committees/etcetra within the Village. I feel it's necessary to try to learn the entire process when getting involved.

Village People said...

Gadfly was a term used by Dick Ginkowski to describe Bob Babcock Sr. in one of Dick's comments on his blog (The Somewhat Daily RAG). I just used his comment about Bob in my VOP as his comment caused quite a stir and it was a little inside joke.

As far as my VOP, I stated "for example". My intention was not to take credit for everything but was using an example of how people who have concerns can make a difference with certain issues. I would have stated this if I had more space but with 275 word limit, I wanted to get my point across and couldn't say all I wanted to say and give credit where credit was and is due. I in no way was trying to take credit for "all" things. I have stated elsewhere that others before me have done well and I think the Village does a lot of things well. But having experienced the bad, I want to make sure no one else is subjected to such treatment.

In addition, the comment "those opposed" was quoted from Howard Cooley's VOP. I guess I thought same as you with his statement that if you are opposed to one thing, that then you are opposed to everything. As RAG says, we can agree to disagree. At least you have your variance. I was not opposed but had concerns about all the temporary cul-de-sacs Village may OK in future. I missed meeting but Jean Werbie read an e-mail I sent about the "temporary" cul-de-sac changes with my concerns.

RAG said...

Gadfly, as applied to Bob Babcock, was used as a term of respecy.

John Roscioli said...

Village People,

First, our cul de sac wasn't approved. It was tabled until agreements are in place with your favorite developer (pickus).

Second, your VOP never used "for example". It certainly used the other phrases (gadfly, good old boys, and those who oppose...), but no for example.

Finally, my VOP wasn't meant to disprove your thoughts on the evolution of the Village. It was to the point that while you (and I'll be generous and say 250 others) are a perfect example of how to get involved with your local political scene, the other 18,750 (estimate) residents don't take the time to minimally get involved. 4,000 voting was seen as groundbreaking, and that is discouraging. I have begun said journey as well. I have only been a resident for 3 years, but plan on being in the Orchard (lord willing) for the next 20 years.

Mike, something was brought up in this thread, and mentioned to me in a conversation. If you have issue with me personally, take it up with me personally. I don't see how you could, as nobody in Village politics knows me from Adam, nor would they know my level of competence/intelligence. I wrote my VOP respectfully. There were no personal attacks, it was actually more of a call to arms for Village residents to follow your lead in being more involved in Village happenings. It wasn't to encourage anyone's particular views, just participation.

Again, I haven't seen any emails from anyone asking for my help/involvement. I predicted as much. My opinion is this blog is only read by those same involved few, and unfortunately not the masses.

Village People said...


This was in my VOP:

For example, now everyone can listen to Village meetings online. Referendums? Found the money without them.

My comments were directed to another person based on my interpretation of what you wrote and somehow copied to Ruth Otto. Right or wrong at the time, I now know better.